Understanding Your Stats

All stats have been re-set in the new platform. If you are currently an existing business partner and looking for any historical data please contact partners@getintheloop.ca

The GetintheLoop for Business Stats tab provides a dashboard to help curate the partner’s data and track success. The data is in three areas: reach, response, and actions. Each area includes a demographic breakdown. 

Reach | Response | Actions
Every partner is provided with real-time analytics for their overall offer performance per venue. Partners are provided with Reach - Response - Action analytics which can be viewed by ‘All Time’, ‘Last 90 Days’, ‘Last 60 Days’, ‘Last 30 Days’, and ‘Last 7 Days’.
  • Reach: The number of times a partner’s offers or business information has been displayed in GetintheLoop apps, emails, or notifications.
  • Response: The number of times GetintheLoop members respond by liking, sharing, or viewing a partner’s offer or business details.
  • Actions: The number of actions taken by members to redeem an offer, visit the website, call the business, or visit in person. This includes using the selected redemption feature (online, by phone, in person)


When creating offers and campaigns, one of the greatest insights available is understanding who is engaging with and taking actions with your offers. Identifying the audience that is responding and taking action can drastically increase your partner’s success by learning the habits of this audience. 
Your offers may be specifically designed with a particular demographic in mind, or you may learn from trial and error that it holds special appeal for a clearly defined age or gender group. Whether intentional or accidental, gathering detailed information about who is engaging and taking action will help attract similar customers in the future; customers who will likely take action on offers.

Knowing the GetintheLoop demographics provides insight on how to create successful offers. Say your partner wants to target 25 to 34-year-old females. You notice that the ‘Response’ demographic is 25 to 34, but the demographic taking ‘Action’ is in the 55+-year-old female range. This informs who is taking the extra step to action an offer. You can create new offers by trial and error and learn from the habits of different target audiences.

Offer Ratings

The Reach and Response data is converted into an ‘engagement scale’ of 1 - 4 stars.

  • 4 Stars - Great response, consider more offers like this
  • 3 Stars - Good response
  • 2 Stars - Low response, it may be time to change this offer
  • 1 Star - Consider changing this offer

To accompany each rating, GetintheLoop also provides trending arrows.

  • Upwards Arrow - The ratings have been going up - good work!
  • Downwards Arrow - The ratings have been going down - it may be time to switch a few offers up

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