Building Your Offers

Next step is to build your first offer! You may refer to our detailed instructions for a step by step checklist on how to build an offer.

There are four different types of offers that you can create: Non-Exclusive, Exclusive, & Limited Use.

  1. Non-Exclusive Offer: Non-exclusive offers make great content on GetintheLoop. If partners already have great experiences, events, services, and offers, why not include them on GetintheLoop? Non-exclusive offers are important as it keeps the content fresh, engaging different audiences. These offers can serve as creating awareness around what makes your partner different from competitors. You may refer to non-exclusive offer best practices for more information.
  2. Exclusive Offer: An exclusive offer means that these offers are only available through GetintheLoop and only available to GetintheLoop members. You may refer to exclusive offer best practices for more information.
  3. Limited Use Offer: Limited Use offers to encourage partners to become creative with offers, heavily discounting overflow of stocks, or creating limited time products. Once it appears that a potential customer may not have a chance at having the act of purchasing, offers can increase in value. These types of offers create a real-time countdown on the availability of an offer. You may refer to limited use offer best practices for more information.
  4. Experience Offers: Offers for experiences are a great way to let GetintheLoop members know about upcoming events.  Offers do not need to be a special or a discount, it can work as a way to create awareness. These types of offers stand out as they compel members to take action ‘to do’ rather than to purchase. Not only that, these type of offers engage with a larger audience. You may refer to experience offer best practices for more information.

Image Guidelines

Beyond all the images available in our library, you can also use your own images! Using your own images is an excellent way to add an on-brand touch to your offers. To learn how to use your own photos please follow our image guidelines.

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