Communicate the Partnership

While we do a lot to share your partnership with us, there’s a lot you can do as well. The more the public knows you’re on GetintheLoop means they will know where and how to find the unique experiences and offers at your business. So how can you let your customers know you’re on GetintheLoop?

  • Include our logo (or even better a link to GetintheLoop on the App Store or Google Play) in your newsletters
  • Add our logo and link to on your website
  • Take advantage of our Post to Facebook feature. This allows you to share your GetintheLoop offers directly to your business Facebook page. Download our How-To PDF
  • Take advantage of partner Marketing Materials. Put up the door sticker, have the download cards handy, use GetintheLoop pens. Reach out to your Partner Success Advisor with any questions about Marketing Materials
  • Lastly don’t forget to let your staff know (especially if your offers are exclusive, or limited use). Your Partner Success Advisor would have emailed you a Staff Training document to share with your staff. Can’t find it? No problem. Find it here.

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