Offer Best Practices

Create the Best Offers You Can

It is important to create offers to showcase events as well as to drive traffic during slow times. You’ll want to create strong, unique offers to pique member’s interest. These don’t necessarily need to be discounted but do need to demonstrate value in the offer.

Bundles and add-on offers always see high engagement, no matter the loop. The more value you can show a member the higher engagement you’ll see which increases the chances of a member choosing to redeem your offer.

The more up-to-date on your offers you are the more success you will see with GetintheLoop. Rotating offers every couple of weeks will be beneficial as well as making sure to have 5 live offers that target slow days/times, events, and more.

Download Our Best Practice Guides Below.

We’ve put together GetintheLoop best practices for each offer type, as well as unique suggestions for each loop. Download the PDFs to have handy when creating your next campaign.

Best Practices - Exclusive Offers:  Download Here

Best Practices - Limited Use Offers:  Download Here

Best Practices- Non- Exclusive Offers:  Download Here

Best Practices - Offer Suggestions by Loop

While we do offer seasonal Loops (I.E Wine, and Golf), most who fit the seasonal Loops are also in our constant Loops. Best practices and suggestions for wineries, golf courses, and other seasonal businesses will still be found in the parent Loops below.

Food + Drink: Download Here

Salon + Spa: Download Here

Sports + Fitness: Download Here

Shopping:  Download Here

Things To Do:  Download Here

Home + Auto: Download Here

Travel:  Download Here

More Information

For more information and tips for creating offers click here.

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