Brand Awareness vs. Increased Sales

As a GetintheLoop partner, you've joined for a variety of different reasons. You may be looking to create brand awareness. In other cases, you are looking to increase sales. It is important to set these two reasons to know which stats show success for your business goals. 

Brand Awareness (Reach and Response Metrics)

Creating brand awareness includes all the efforts to bring a partner name to ‘top of mind’. This is important when introducing new services or if your business is quite new. It’s particularly important for businesses with services used less frequently compared to a business that is regularly top of mind such as ‘Food + Drink’.

Top of Mind Brand Awareness

Partner’s who join GetintheLoop that go into ‘Home + Auto’ and ‘Travel’, will be looking to be top of mind over competitors. It is important to know that the brand awareness value provided by GetintheLoop is huge. GetintheLoop helps the consumers make successful choices when the time comes to act on taking action.

New Services, Products, Events & Experiences

Creating a buzz around upcoming services, products, or events is another way to utilize GetintheLoop. In this case look to highlight upcoming services, product arrivals, and events. GetintheLoop allows members to be ‘in the know’ and anticipate the upcoming offer. One way to transition from Brand Awareness to Action is to have an exclusive offer close to the release or event date. This will encourage the switch from awareness to creating the urge to act.

Creating Success

To increase brand awareness, it will be important to define your goals and work with our teams to hit those goals. We recommend switching up offers regularly and showcasing seasonally relevant services. This will put the focus on Reach & Response.

Best practice is to always have 5 offers, targeting different audiences. The more offers that are live the more success you will see.

Increase Sales (Action Metrics)

Partners who have subscribed to GetintheLoop are looking to create a successful partnership based on a sales transaction. Partners will want to convert GetintheLoop members into valuable customers.

To be successful, it will be important to have good, strong, offers that compel members to take action. It may take about 4 to 6 weeks to start seeing actions. Use offers that resonate with members through exclusivity, limited use, strong imagery, and a good ‘value’ to encourage the urge to act.

Creating Success

With a focus on sales transactions, your business will have to create strong exclusive offers. Use GetintheLoop as a tool to drive new customers as well as sustain loyalty with your current customers. We encourage you to keep your offers fresh and use the GetintheLoop demographics to create offers around the key insights accordingly.

As such you will need to have a target for the number of offers redeemed. Consider the following:

  • How many total actions do you need to cover their monthly subscription fee?
  • Is this a realistic number?
  • What are your margins?
  • What can be created to drive transactions?
  • What is the target audience?

Work with your team to create strategic offers that drive success.


Both objectives will provide value to partners. It is important to have a common understanding of which objective you are striving for at this point in time. This way we can work together to set the correct goal for success. 

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