Value of GetintheLoop

GetintheLoop is a unique platform as it provides a variety of features that can drive customers to your business. Our offer styles provide value for both our partners and our members. We put offers and experiences in front of hundreds of thousands of members who have chosen to receive our push notifications, emails, and social posts. The stronger your offers are the more likely they are to be featured in our marketing efforts. Additionally, we have given Partners the ability to post GetintheLoop offers directly to their business’s Facebook page.

To continue to drive value for our partners we’ve created three styles of offers that can be used at any point in time, alone or together to create a strong campaign. They are,

  • Non-exclusive offers are important as it keeps the content fresh, engaging different audiences. These offers can serve as creating awareness around what makes your business different from competitors.
  • Exclusive: These are typically stronger offers than non-exclusive. An exclusive offer means that these offers are only available through GetintheLoop and available to GetintheLoop members only.
  • Limited Use: These give you the opportunity to create strong, unique offers that compel a member to physically visit your business and redeem quickly. Limited use offers are a great way to create urgency to purchase or visit. This style of offer encourages creative offers, heavily discounting overflow of stocks, or creating limited time products. These types of offers create a real-time countdown on the availability of an offer.

Your partnership with GetintheLoop provides you with real-time analytics for overall offer performance per venue. The analytics are broken into 3 separate categories to accurately provide value. They are broken down to ‘Reach’ - ‘Response’ - ‘Action’ and can be displayed as ‘All Time’, ‘90 Days’, ‘60 Days’, ‘30 Days’, and ‘7 Days’, to accurately show your successes.

When creating offers and campaigns, one of the greatest insights is understanding who is engaging with and taking actions with your offers. Identifying the audience that is responding and taking action can drastically increase your success by learning the habits of this audience.

Your offers may be specifically designed with a particular demographic in mind, or you may learn from trial and error that there’s a special appeal for a clearly defined age or gender group. Whether your offer’s demographic appeal is intentional or accidental, gathering detailed information about who is engaging and taking action will help you attract similar customers in the future; customers who will likely take action on offers.

Knowing the GetintheLoop demographics provides insight on how to create successful offers. Say you want to target 25 to 34-year-old females. You notice that the ‘Response’ demographic is 25 to 34, but the demographic that are taking ‘Action’ are in the 55+-year-old female range. By knowing who is taking that extra step you can form new offers to be successful with the demographics taking action.

Using the analytics provided by GetintheLoop will give you clear insights on how to be successful. Using the information provided, you can craft offers to target audiences, and learn from their performance. Breaking down the stats periodically showcases what worked and what didn’t as well as the demographics that were targeted into taking action.

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