Train Your Staff About GetintheLoop

A great customer experience keeps customers coming back and encourages them to share their experience. The same is true for GetintheLoop members who will be visiting your business. As GetintheLoop members start learning more about your business and offers, it will be important to have your staff know about your new partnership with GetintheLoop.

What your staff needs to know - Please share this with your employees

  1. We've just started using a new offers platform called GetintheLoop. It's free for consumers and no pre-buying!
  2. In the next few weeks, we'll begin to see people coming in with GetintheLoop offers or mentioning GetintheLoop. They may even redeem offers through their mobile phones.
  3. If you have a unique process to tag special offers at your POS please let your staff know. We want to ensure that the experience of GetintheLoop members is as smooth as possible.

Why this is important

  • Ensure new and returning customers have an exceptional customer experience.
  • GetintheLoop drives customers to your business; what happens once they get there is up to you and your team. We want to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Getting the most out of GetintheLoop

  • Have all staff and managers sign-up for GetintheLoop in the app store or via
  • Post the training sheet in a common area for your staff.
  • Communicate current offers with staff, and ensure they know how to process an offer at the point of sale.
  • Let customers and everyone know about GetintheLoop and the kinds of great offers available.
  • Prominently display your GetintheLoop materials. Have new ideas to promote GetintheLoop at your business? Let us know.
  • Consider working with GetintheLoop on exceptionally limited time offers and social contest giveaways. Ask us more.

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